Xbox Series X SATA Port Disc Drive SATA Connector


Xbox Series X SATA port connector. These are a perfect stronger replacement for the original fragile one.

When cleaning out the console this connector is very susceptible to damage.

If the disc drive is no longer reading game after a clean out, this connector may be damaged.


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SATA connector for the Xbox Series X console. This is located on the southbridge board. This connector can be easily broken / pulled up when removing the BR drive.


This is aimed at experienced / professional repair technicians. Quality tools & experience with removing IC’s and micro soldering is required.

Returns will ONLY be accepted if the item is returned unopened in the original tape it was sent in. Any solder or flux on the item/s will not be accepted.

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Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 2.5 cm


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