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XBOX SERIES S|X Repair service is to replace a damaged / faulty HDMI port on your Xbox Series X | S console

The Xbox Series X & S console are prone to having the HDMI ports damage quite easily.

Here is a list of issues you migh be having:

* The hdmi port looks shifted to one side or damaged (bent pins inside).
* The console powers on OK with fan spinning but not displaying.
* The console is displaying in low resolution.
* The picture flickers, drops in and out or lines and scrambled picture.
* It only works when you have the HDMI cable at a specific angle.


We also repair other faults with these consoles, please use the form below and we can get the repair started.

Mail In Request
Please note that we are unable to perform repairs sent to us from outside of the UK due to the increased shipping costs and lead times and the potential customs charges. However, orders for spare parts can be shipped worldwide.
Make sure you select the correct device so that we can advise you correctly!



With every XBOX SERIES S|X repair the console will get the following reconditioning done to it:

  1. New HDMI port installed even if it’s just the IC.

  2. New high quality Thermal compound on the APU.

  3. Complete clean out of fan, heatsink, BR Drive and PSU.

  4. Warranty seals kept intact where possible.


Occasionally after replacing the port, there may still be issues such as “No Signal” or reduced resolution. This could be because the HDMI control chip (IC) or ESD booster on the mainboard is also faulty.

We have the tools, knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix correctly.





  1. Conner Fenwick

    Absolutely amazing service! Id recommend to anyone who needs a console repair! my series x had a damaged hdmi port and these people fixed it with also great customer service. They handled it really well and for a fair price in my opinion, if your playstation or xbox has a damaged hdmi port i really highyly suggest this place!!1

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