XBOX ESD HDMI BOOSTER U21 Alternative for Series X, Series S and One X

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Here is a solution to a big problem. The U21 ESD Booster IC on the Xbox One X, Xbox Series X & Series S consoles.

This IC is known to fail when the HDMI port is damaged, shorted out or has a power spike. The original IC is a small 3x3mm BGA glass IC which is super fragile and sensitive to heat and movement.

We have a solution to this that will replace this IC with a robust and arguably easier install.

The following will be restored with this PCB in the event the original Booster IC is faulty.

  1. 4kUHD @ 120hz = WORKING

  2. 4kUHD @ 60hz = WORKING

  3. 1440p @ 60 / 120hz = WORKING

  4. 1080p @ 60 / 120hz = WORKING

  5. 720p @ 60hz = WORKING

  6. CEC (power on / off / input select) = WORKING (Xbox Series S|X only, Xbox One X does not support this)



Either way it’s lightyears ahead of the rinky dink “Bypass method“! Which should only ever be used as a diagnostic method.

For large quantities and B2B pricing please contact us here:

Please see below for specs:


200 in stock


This alternative PCB is an ESD protection and signal conditioning device.

This device is a simple solution that features:

  • HDMI 1.4, 2.0 & 2.1
  • 8 kV contact ESD protection
  • DC (I2C) link protection, bidirectional signal conditioning circuit, and dynamic pull-up
  • CEC bus protection
  • HPD pulls down, signal conditioning with level shifter and backdrive protection



  1. Short-circuit protection on 5V output
  2. Wake-up from standby through CEC bus
  3. Long and/or poor quality cable support with dynamic pull-up on DDC bus



This is aimed at the experienced / professional repair community as a best effort alternative. Quality tools, experience with removing IC’s and micro soldering is requirement not a recommendation! The removal of the old U21 glass BGA IC HDMIDP1-5F6 is required before install. Not to mention the diagnostic skills to rule out the following before hand:


  1. HDMI port
  2. HDMI Re-Driver IC
  3. HDMI TVS diodes
  4. 80 Pin connector and SoC board


This alternative will also make an excellent diagnostic tool. If you are used to rebuilding pads for torn HDMI traces, USB-C ports etc, this will be easy for you. With only 14 jumper wires to run, once installed, testing can be started in under 45 minutes (if you take your time).


Full, easy to follow instructions will be provided along with a detailed install video.


Here is our preview video


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Dimensions25 × 10 × 1 cm

3 reviews for XBOX ESD HDMI BOOSTER U21 Alternative for Series X, Series S and One X

  1. Mr_Bridger

    It does require some intricate soldering, but is straightforward to install as long as you follow the instructions. This worked perfectly to replace the ESD on an Xbox One X that had been proved working with the ‘wire bypass’ that is circulating the internet. Glad I could apply this instead as a permanent fix and regain the protection.

  2. Paul Hunt (verified owner)

    Series x u21 alternative worked perfectly and Leigh was very helpful. Install instructions were delivered instantly by email and the pcb arrived next day. Perfect customer experience. Thank you 👍

  3. Techfix (verified owner)

    Excellent product, backed up by excellent customer service. Highly recommend. 😊

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