XBOX SERIES X Power and Eject Cable NEXUS (M1094652-005)


Xbox Series X Power and Eject Cable (compatible).

Replaces the cable that connects the power and eject front panel to

the motherboard of your Xbox Series X.

Original Cable Part Number: M1094652-005

Fix issues like power and eject button connectivity.

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These cables are not original but they are compatible for the Nexus connector (Power / Eject).

We have taken it upon ourselves to make the correct connectors.

One might say hand made, each and every cable is tested in genuine Nexus sockets and checked with a Fluke Digital Multimeter.

These cables lock into the Nexus connector exactly the same as the original.

Although these cables are a little longer than the stock ones they do fit very well.

If you have a damaged Power / Eject flex cable this will get you back in the game!


(difference in temperature quoted on the cable is negligible and has no bearing on the function of this part

when used inside an Xbox Series X). 

Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 1 cm


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