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Prices start from £50 – please contact us for a quote!

  • Stick Drift

  • Unresponsive analog sticks

  • L3/R3 not clicking

  • Unresponsive digital tap triggers and bumpers

  • Unresponsive D-pad

  • **Faulty USB-C ports maybe quoted separately depending on the damage.**


Mail In Request
Please note that we are unable to perform repairs sent to us from outside of the UK due to the increased shipping costs and lead times and the potential customs charges. However, orders for spare parts can be shipped worldwide.
Make sure you select the correct device so that we can advise you correctly!



Mail in repair Service for PS5 & XBOX SERIES X|S Controllers with a Rapid Fire mod Chip/Rear buttons & paddles installed.

We can repair common faults related to wear & tear.

  • Physical damage to ThumbStick
  • Drifting in one direction
  • No Response from ThumbStick functions
  • Moving on its own
  • LB/RB broken or not responding
  • LT/RT not working
  • D-Pad and face buttons sticky or not responding
  • USB port not working

No fix No Fee service. This service will include a full check over of the controller:



  1. Frazer Donaldson (verified owner)

    I had super duper extra awesome experience from Uber Micro Repairs this month just in time for Christmas. Leigh did an awesome job repairing my PS5 Dualsense controller which was also fitted with an Extreme rate rear metal paddles kit which can map any of the other buttons on the controller on the controller to the rear paddles. ?

    Tabatha was lovely as well as she emailed me every step of the way to let me know how my controller was coming along and explained everything beautifully. Her response times to emails are admirable as well as she would often reply in a matter of minutes whether it was 8 an or 8 pm Tabatha was always there to ensure that I was happy and informed about the progress of my order. I got the controller back in record time too and I am really enjoying it. ?

    I really appreciate the wonderful service offered by Uber Micro Repairs and I was glad I found their website as they are absolute lifesavers and I cannot rate their service and workmanship highly enough. They are reliable, trustworthy and truly care about their customers too. ?

    Thanks from your highly satisfied customer. ?

    Frazer ?

  2. Ian (verified owner)

    Needed my custom PS5 Dualsense stick drift fixing. Had a broken ribbon in the controller and they fixed that as part of the price. Took a few weeks from me sending it to receiving it back but worth it.

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