Xbox Elite Series 1 Controller Model 1698 Main Board Set


All boards have been connected to a PC and Xbox fully tested and updated with Xbox Accessories app. 
These will be a drop-in fit and will refresh your controller to get back in the game quickly. 
You will receive 1 x analog board and 1 x power board (for the 1698 model).

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XBOX Main Board Set for the 1698 controller.

Fully refurbished mainboard set for the 1698 controller. These have had either all or some of the following done to them:
  1. USB port (may have signs of trace repair)
  2. L/R sticks (every analog board has had new and calibrated analog stick modules installed)
  3. LB / RB switches
  4. D-pad sticker
  5. Trace repair 


New analogs sticks installed and calibrated.


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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions45 × 25 × 16 cm


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