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We use upgraded parts for the analog sticks and LB / RB switches. The quality is far better than the stock analogs.

Uber Micro offers a whole host of repairs on the Elite Series 2 controllers. There isn’t much we havn’t fixed on these! 


  • Physical damage to ThumbStick
  • Drifting in any direction
  • No Response from ThumbStick functions
  • Moving on its own
  • LB / RB broken or not responding
  • LT / RT not working
  • D-Pad and face buttons sticky or not responding
  • Replacement USB-C port (there may be an extra charge if the port has pulled off the board and damaged the traces See below)
  • Cracked and broken shells, we have brand new front and rear shells in stock (Shells / external cosmetics are quoted extra)
  • Liquid / trace damage (there may be an extra charge depending on amount of damage. We will always quote first)

Please contact us about your issue even if it’s not listed.

Mail In Request
Please note that we are unable to perform repairs sent to us from outside of the UK due to the increased shipping costs and lead times and the potential customs charges. However, orders for spare parts can be shipped worldwide.
Make sure you select the correct device so that we can advise you correctly!


Mail in repair Service for the Xbox One ELITE Controller SERIES 2

We are the ONLY Elite Series 2 repair service to use upgraded analog sticks.

No fix No Fee service. This service will include a full check over of the controller:

We always replace both analog stick modules and LB / RB switches with higher quality upgraded parts.



However we are able to do the following. Quotation will be provided:


No Power
Not Charging
Buttons not responding

Rear paddle issues
Cracked Shells
Liquid damage
PCB damage


We have an extensive playlist on YouTube showcasing all our intresting repairs.There isn’t much we can’t do!


Click here for our Xbox Elite Series 1 / 2 Repairs play list on YouTube



  1. Terryn Booth

    Had really bad issues with my left stick drifting, sent this is the Uber Micro Repairs and had it back within a couple of days, it was like brand new again. I wholeheartedly recommend these guys for any of your elite 2 controller issues! Thank you!!!!

  2. Joshua John (verified owner)

    My RB button had stooped working and didn’t correspond to the game. The right bumper is a very important button in the games I play. I found Uber Micro Repairs and though I’d contact them. For only £35 for the repair, this was a reasonable price – it’s much better than purchasing a new £180 Elite 2 Controller. I received my controller back within a couple of days, nothing was wrong with it, and it was like brand new. Thank you very much. I definitely recommend getting a controller repaired from this company. Thank you again!!

  3. Richard McBride

    Had problems with left bumper button on elite controller 2. Resolved problem with quick turn around. Great communication throughout the whole process, would highly recommend.

  4. Harrison Jones (verified owner)

    Amazing company.
    Fixed three faults in my elite series 2 for a flat fee of £35. Controller was back and working in 3 days. Very pleased!

  5. john strachan (verified owner)

    Excellent service from a 5 star company
    very friendly and helpful
    both thumb sticks where drifting badly
    these where fixed promptly for a great price
    and also sent back immediately :):)
    what do I say ,well I would not hesitate to use ubermicro again
    and I will definitely recommend them to all
    thanks a lot Tabatha and hopefully my son wont rage out again and break his controller
    but if he does I know where to go 5 stars all round PERFECT thanks again :):):)

  6. Chris Tonks (verified owner)

    Easily one of the best customer experiences I have ever had. Constant communication and went above and beyond with faults I didn’t recognise. Felt like a new controller. Happily recommend to anyone experiencing issues with their Elite 2. Special mention to Tabatha, she is a fantastic addition to Uber Micro Repair.

  7. Alfie Tempest (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Kept me updated the whole time and walked me through how to do everything. Would recommend them for any repairs you need to your elite series 2 controller.

  8. Mark Naidu (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding service, from initial contact to return of my Elite Series 2 controller.

    I would highly recommend Uber Micro to everyone.

    I wish all companies we this easy and good to deal with.

    Will definitely use again in the future.

    Keep up the great work Uber Micro!

  9. Paul edwards (verified owner)

    A five star service I would recommend this company to all me friends and family thank you keep up the good work amazing

  10. Alex

    Excellent service, Tabitha had great communication throughout the repair and always kept me up to date on what was happening. I would highly recommend uber micro to anyone with a faulty elite series 2 controller.

  11. Stuart Bennett (verified owner)

    Verry professional and friendly staff they informed me every step of the way. They let me know I had more problems with my elite series 2 Controller than I thought I had replaced both analog sticks and replaced controllers on RB and LB 5 stars will recommend to every one I know with peoblems like I had. Defanatly worth the £35 quoted 10 stars will be doing more with them in the future….. From Stuart Bennett from KENT

  12. Dominic Hoenig (verified owner)

    Tabetha has been fantastic throughout the repair of my controller – quick turnaround (less than a week since posting) and the controller is like new!

    Fantastic service.

  13. Daryl

    I had several problems with my elite v2 Xbox controller and this company repaired all of it just for £35!!! Absolute bargain if you ask me and they also replaced I part I didn’t know about. Highly recommended!!!!

  14. Luke Armstrong (verified owner)

    Great service from start to finish. I was told I would be put on short waiting list before my repair was accepted due to high demand, a few days later it was sent off in the post and a week later I have it back, better than ever! I was kept informed throughout the whole process and all questions answered quickly and professionally. At half the price and time that MS I would definitely recommend them and won’t hesitate to use you again

  15. David Wilmore (verified owner)

    Excellent professional service. My elite series 2 controller had serious problems with Left and Right thumb sticks being threaded. Both replaced and the controller is back to original great operation. Tabatha kept me up to date with every step of the repair process so I knew exactly what was going on throughout. All for a fixed fee too! Definitley recommend to anyone experiencing controller problems of any sort.

  16. Alex McCrossen (verified owner)

    I sent in my elite series 2 wireless controller with a faulty LB button. Had both bumper buttons replaced as a precaution. Tabatha was so professional and kept me updated with the repair process. The controller came back as if it was brand new. Would highly recommend uber micro repairs to anyone looking to have any issues with controllers fixed, especially the elite series controllers.

  17. Geoff Cox

    Absolute pleasure to deal with! Had a couple of issues with my Elite Series 2 controller (out of warranty having been replaced twice already by MS), right thumbstick click had become unresponsive and both bumper buttons had issues with double clicking. Went over these issues with Tabatha, sent my controller in for repair, Tabatha let me know what would be required (replacement thumbstick module and internal microswitches for bumper buttons) – work was carried out quickly and expertly, controller is now back in A1 condition. The customer service is genuinely better than i’ve ever experienced over the internet, 10/10 would highly recommend! Thanks again!

  18. Stuart Grey

    I sent my controller in with a sticky left trigger and non responsive buttons. Tabatha was excellent at getting back to me and keeping me updated. I would definitely use again and recommend to any that needs to have a controller repaired.

  19. Graham

    Top quality service. Recommended to anyone with a faulty elite

  20. Logan Langley

    An amazing service, lovely customer service and the work was great no longer having problems with my control, would 100% recommend

  21. Martin Platt

    I sent off my Xbox elite controller series 2 because of analog drift problem at first.
    Then I was cheeky asked, if they would do a full check on my controller.
    They did a full check with no hassle, and my controller was back to me with in a week of it being received.
    The price of getting it fixed was less than a quarter of a new elite series 2.
    5 Stars!

  22. Keir (verified owner)

    I honestly couldn’t be happier! Sent in my controller because of drift in one analogue stick and a sticky bumper. Not only were those fixed, but they did a full check and found some other problems I wasn’t aware of, and fixed them too – all included, no fuss or bother.
    The whole service was much quicker than I expected, and well worth the price.
    If I ever need anything like this repaired again, I’m coming here first.

  23. Gary (verified owner)

    I Sent my Elite 2 controller to UberMicro with a broken right analogue module and not only did they fix that issue perfectly, but they came across an issue with the left stick and a potential problem that could have left me with sticky buttons that I wasn’t aware of. Ubermicro fixed all 3 and got the controller back to me safe and sound – all this within the flat fee of £40 they quoted me just for fixing my right analogue stick. No making up problems to squeeze an extra couple of quid from you! Also, they didn’t charge me till AFTER they made the repair. The controller now feels exactly as it did on the first day I got it. They also had VERY friendly and informative communication all the way through the process. I couldn’t be more happier! In fact, I’m already in the process of booking in my old Elite 1 controller to see if they can bring that back to life.

    Honestly, even if you still have doubts, drop them an email and have a chat with them. It’s exactly what I did at first and they helped ease any potential worries I had.

  24. Matthew (verified owner)

    Fantastic service both from the repair itself and the excellent customer service offered throughout the entire process.I encountered really bad stick drift with my elite series 2 controller and it was sent in and fixed with a fast turnaround with both sticks replaced for a flat fee of £40. Hopefully I won’t need another repair anytime soon but if it happens i won’t hesitate to use them again.

  25. Ed Noble (verified owner)

    Really A++++ service and very good comms through out this repair and in a very difficult time of Covid19. Work completed on my Elite#2 remote, and arrive back in no time at all considering. This was trialled yesterday and performs like it was brand new!! Very, very impressed Thank You Again Uber Micro Repairs. I will be recommending you to my Gaming Community with Five Stars Ratings…

  26. Daniel Pye (verified owner)

    A* Service. Fully fixed my elite series 2 controller which was faulty and kept me updated throughout the process. honestly some of the best customer service I’ve received. Couldn’t be happier with Uber Micro. Highly recommend to anyone who has any repairs needed on console accesories. Thanks again!

  27. Paul Hatley (verified owner)

    First I would like to say a big thanks to Tabatha who’s informative and friendliness was exemplary. Never over promised which I prefer the service was second to non. I had almost given up with the Xbox elite controller 2 and was quite worried about having to buy another but by chance coming across this company was a blessing more than adequate turnaround friendly service which fixed the fault and found drifting issues on the sticks which was replaced. I have no problem with referring them to anybody. 5 star work

  28. David Griffiths (verified owner)

    Had a problem with my Elite Series 2 with sticky shoulder and trigger and unresponsive A button.

    Have had it repaired and it’s now back in my hands like new. A* service and would recommend these guys in a heart beat to anyone.

  29. Dr. Stewart McRae (verified owner)

    Had the common problem of stick drift. Not any more. Great comms, swift service, reasonable prices, controller works like new.

  30. Colette (verified owner)

    Great service definitely use again

  31. Nick c (verified owner)

    I 100% recommend these guys to fix your controller! Proper honest nice people! Amazing customer service. My controller is like new again, thank you again!

  32. Geoff fox (verified owner)

    Top service.
    Sent my Elite series 2 off for repair on the Monday and I was back playing again by Friday! Tabatha was a dream to deal with via email and made the process very easy. The controller was given new bumper switches, new thumb sticks (I didn’t ask for these but they made a big difference) the XYAB buttons were also improved significantly and all this for a fixed price of 40£! AMAZING and I can’t recommend enough. I’ll definitely be using these folks again should the need arise and no doubt it will with an elite controller ?.

  33. Darren (verified owner)

    Sent in an elite series 2 with three faults, came back with everything working and for a great price considering it had multiple faults. Was kept well informed along the way aswell.

  34. Mr Hamza S Iqbal (verified owner)

    Sent in my Elite 2 which was barely used due to issues with the LB and paddles and can confirm the work was done in a timely manner with effective communication. I also received the controller back in perfect working order with it still looking fresh and intact. Great service. Would definitely recommend. A++

  35. Marshall Haldane

    Fantastic customer service. Tabatha was highly communicative keeping me fully up to date at all stages. The repair carried out to my Elite 2 controller went beyond what i had requested to include replacement of a total of 4 switches when i had only reported 2 being faulty.
    Very highly recommended for quality and price – top notch

  36. Connor Cornthwaite

    Fixed my Controller like it was never broken 100% Recommend.

  37. Vincent Zoleta (verified owner)

    Amazing service. All my controller issues has been fixed and is now working perfectly like new. Thanks a lot ?

  38. Cameron Gibson (verified owner)

    I had issues countless times with me Elite 2 controller, being the same problem, stick drift in the left analog stick. I had sent it off to Microsoft numerous times but the pad always had the same issue a few weeks later. After it had run out of warranty I decided to send it off privately, so sought out Uber Micro Repairs. Communication has been phenomenal from start to finish. The issue has been fixed and so far no issues but I trust that if anything was to happen, they would be more than happy to assist. Will definitely be using them again if I encounter any issues.

  39. Luke (verified owner)

    Sent my controller in with severe stick drift which was fixed and is now perfect. Upon receiving the controller they identified numerous other faults which totalled in over 30 components being replaced all for no extra cost or complaints about the task. Will be using this service again, like having a brand new controller again!

  40. John (verified owner)

    Uber Micro was fantastic with my repair job. They went above and beyond to make sure all was working on my Elite Series 2 Controller and repaired things I didn’t even know needed repairing. Great service and amazing customer support.

  41. Daniel Ramsden (verified owner)

    I don’t know what to say… exceptional!
    They have given me notice from being on a waiting list and {eventually} receiving it.

    The customer service is ?!!!
    I don’t know what to say, I am flabbergasted by how much support I got when getting help with my controller.

    Thank you so much {again} for helping me with a problem I was originally going to chuck it.

    It means a lot to me!

    *Anyone who is reading keep in mind, you may wait a while (about a 2-3 weeks tops, throughout the whole process) so, you might miss a bit of gaming, but it’ll be worth it.

  42. Gerry Barnett (verified owner)

    Outstanding service and great value. Was about to write off my Elite V2 controller because both bumpers weren’t working and it had stick issues, when I stumble across Uber Micro. Repaired and shipped very quickly and it feels like new.
    Highly recommended as there are few places you can even get a repair and result is first class

  43. Paul (verified owner)

    Had a number of issues with my elite 2 controller. I also let these guys down but they were always courteous and accommodating. Replaced a number of parts and serviced it all for a great price.

    Also the communication was excellent throughout. I only ever leave reviews for exceptional service, this was a good experience.

  44. Tatenda Zvarayi (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding professionalism. They kept me updated throughout the whole process and even fixed problems I didn’t know I had on my controller. I will be back to using these guys again if I ever get any problems.

  45. David Norton (verified owner)

    Great communication. Fixed multiple issues with my Elite 2 controller. Fanstatic price.

  46. Jamie Mackay (verified owner)

    Sent an Elite Series 2 controller in to have both bumpers replaced and the stick drift addressed. Bumpers weren’t actually broken but you know how these controllers are, it was only a matter of time.
    Amazing service, Tabatha kept me informed every step of the way with regards to progress (including answering a number of questions). Got my controller back within a week after repair, quite literally zero wobble or drift on both sticks (they feel snappier too) and with new bumper hardware (that wont break after six months like the default Microsoft parts).

    All that (plus the fantastic service) for 40 quid is a steal, would recommend to anyone who would listen!

  47. Oliver (verified owner)

    Great experience, work done to a great standard!

  48. Henry Roberts (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the service, staff were incredibly understnading and kind, barely even realised my controller was gone and it came back near brand new minus a few previous blemishes from myself

  49. Vlad Stanciu (verified owner)

    Outstanding repairing service , thank you Tabatha!! I would give you 10 stars if possible **********

  50. Ryan L

    Excellent service, great customer relations.

    I sent my controller over to the team and had quite a few issues that needed fixing, they kept in contact and gave easy and clear instructions on how to get it over to them.

    They repaired everything at a fixed price and gave me the choice of an optional extra, which i decided was worth paying for.

    It’s nice to have a couple different shipping methods, I paid for the higher one as I couldn’t wait to get my controller back!

    Have recommended to my gaming group and will most certainly use again if ever it’s required (hopefully not!)

    Thanks guys, great work ?? ?

  51. Steve Taylor (verified owner)

    I was having problems with my elite series 2 controller RB button not working , I was put on the waiting list for a repair , Tabatha was excellent Keeping me informed and after a week or so my controller was sent in for repair , it turned out that both RB & LB was replaced as was both joysticks , all for the same price quoted for one repair.
    Excellent service and comms

  52. colin adamson (verified owner)

    Had severe stick drift issues on a second hand elite 2 controller so I contacted Uber micro’s about the issue and got put on the list.
    Had the joypad back very quickly and its like new again, they even fixed some issues I didn’t know about. thumbs up to these guys and highly recommended.

  53. Rachel Thomas (verified owner)

    I sent my son’s Elite Series 2 controller to Uber Micro Repairs due to an unresponsive RB button. Communication from the start was outstanding and I was given clear instructions about postage, packaging, the fee and then, later, updates as to the progress of the repair. From posting to receiving it back, fully repaired, took just over a week. I was given information about what the fault was and how it’d been fixed. Even though there was nothing wrong with the LB button, that too was replaced….all for a flat fee of £40. Fantastic, would highly reccommend and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

  54. Colin (verified owner)

    My son’s Elite Series 2 had developed a range of faults and I wasn’t sure it was even possible to fix. Contacted Uber Micro Repairs and following brilliant communication and service, the controller has been returned to full working order for an exceptionally reasonable price. Would highly recommend …. Thanks … I now have a very happy son so I’m a happy Dad!

  55. Law (verified owner)

    Fanastic customer service,
    From start to finish,
    Tabitha is amazing, if I wasn’t married…

  56. John Durkin (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this company. From start to finish the customer service has been amazing, friendly and professional, providing constant and clear communications throughout (Thank you Tabatha).
    I sent in an Elite Series 2 controller due to the ‘built in’ bumper issues (I had already attempted the temporary youtube fix).
    The bumpers were replaced, some sticking on the face buttons was repaired and they also took the time to fully check the controller, finding both sticks had a little drift setting in. These were also both replaced.
    All of this was done at no extra cost beyond the original quote price and the controller now feels and responds the way I had hoped it would when I first bought it.
    I have already recommended this company to others and will definitely use again as required.

  57. Neil Kirkby (verified owner)

    Excellent service will use again .Highly recommended. Found faults I didnt realise and fix it

  58. Marc Terry (verified owner)

    Uber Micros were recommended by a friend. I have an elite series 2 controller and the right bumper was non-responsive. I’m not competent at the repairs so mailed the controller to them. One fee, and no fix, no fee promise.
    They fixed the RB, LB and replaced two analogue sticks. Also replaced the faceplate for a small fee as it had chipped.
    No fee was requested until the work was done and it was mailed back.

    Not only was it brilliantly done, they are excellent at keeping you informed every step of the way. I will definitely use them again and would recommend to all my gaming friends.

  59. Jack Wells (verified owner)

    Leigh and Tabatha are amazing. Had my controller repaired and sent back within a couple of days! Kept me updated through every step of the way. Now the controller feels better than when it was new! Couldn’t thank them more they’re absolute legends. They replaced things that didn’t actually need replacing for a preventative measure all within the affordable price to! Would recommend to anyone and will be recommended to my friends! Top job!

    Thanks so much!!


  60. Stacey (verified owner)

    Amazing communication throughout with a superb repair!
    Sent in an Elite series 2 controller with the usual bumper issue. Tabatha was friendly and informative throughout and the repair was amazing all for a fixed fee. I would recommend to anyone.

  61. Michael Venters (verified owner)

    Very happy with the work that was carried out on my elite series 2 controller.

    Tabatha was always very helpful and gave me regular updates throughout the process. The repairs were carried out very quickly and I was given a detailed list of what issues were found during testing and what was done to fix them.

    I would definitely recommend!

  62. Ryan Sheen (verified owner)

    Excellent service, couldn’t recommend more. Tabatha was very helpful and kept me up to date with the repair of my elite series 2 I’ve had my controller back from them a few weeks now and it’s even better than new. I had already had a replacement and the same fault occurred on the replacement outside of the replacement warranty period from Microsoft who wanted more than double the price. I would absolutely recommend in confidence uber micro repairs, just outstanding customer service.

  63. Charlie White (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service and great communication throughout the process! Controller now feels like new. Definitely recommend.

  64. Dave Hill (verified owner)

    If it was possible to give more stars I would! Communication from start to finish was brilliant! I submitted my controller for the left stick drift, but lots of other faults were found. For a flat rate, one cost for all this is an Amazing service! Special shout out to Tabatha for the in depth communication, and for the fixers for refurbishing my controller to be brand new!!

  65. Aaron (verified owner)

    After finding Uber micro after a Google search I was a bit sceptical. I bit the bullet and had my Xbox elite 2 controller repaired here (LB Button) and What can I say, £40 for a repair is great. Tabatha what can I say, communication through out the whole process from start to finish was brilliant, work was complete and they also replaced the RB part for no extra cost. I couldn’t thank the ubermicro staff enough. Will definitely use again, son said it feels like a new controller. Thank you Aaron

  66. Paul (verified owner)

    Fantastic service I can’t recommend these guys enough. Turn around was fast and I was kept informed at every step of the process. My elite 2 works like new again.

  67. Andrew P

    Superb service, great communication and a perfect repair of my son’s XBox’s controller. Very happy.

  68. Mark Mackay (verified owner)

    Sent them my elite 2 controller to fix stick drift and a intermittent LB. All fixed plus they identified RB going the same.
    Superb service throughout, Tabatha’s comms are brilliant l, kept me informed every step of the way which is very impressive given how busy they are!
    Cannot praise them enough, excellent work!

  69. Wayne (verified owner)

    Absolutely top service.

    When I initially made enquiries I was politely informed there was a waiting time of approx. 8 weeks. I was asked if I wanted to be informed when they had a space in the queue to deal. I was in no rush and waited patiently. Tabatha kept in contact updating me and eventually my time came. Again I was asked if I still wanted to proceed. I said yes and instructions were sent on what I needed to do to send them my controller. I was given a time for how long it was likely to take and before that time was up Tabatha emailed again to say it was all done. She also informed me that a few other issues had been found. The left bumper switch was the issue I sent in for but it was identified that the right was on the way out and the sticks were beginning to fail. All of these were repaired at no extra cost. A few days later I received my controller back and can confirm it’s as new.

    Fantastic communications and excellent service. I am not surprised that they have a waiting time. It’s hard to find service so good these days. Would absolutely recommend and would use again if needed.

    One very happy customer.

  70. James (verified owner)

    Absolutely great service!

    I was kept up to date all through the process of getting my controller fixed, including extra issues that they had found and sorted within the controller.

    The controller is as good as new, and much better value than even a single issue fix elsewhere!

  71. Steve Desir (verified owner)

    Steve (Verified owner) – 23/04/22

    Had some problems with a brand new, replaced by Microsoft, Xbox Series Elite 2 controller. Heard about Uber Micro Repairs via the AVFourms website, and read great reviews about the service.

    Well I can whole heartedly agree.

    My controller was sent out and repaired within a week. I was kept updated every step of the way, and had fantastic customer service. I was given exact details of what was wrong with my controller, and how it was repaired. It now works like new.

    I highly recommend using this service, and definitely would again.

    A very satisfied customer.

  72. Matt Amos (verified owner)

    Perfect service very fast and controller works like new now. Can’t recommend enough.

  73. Tom Carter (verified owner)

    Amazing service! Communicated with me from the start of the service, right through to the repair work and the return of the item.
    The controller is like brand new, with everything functioning amazingly well!
    Will be using again in future for all controller repairs!

  74. Chris Blower (verified owner)

    Recently had my Series 2 Elite controller repaired. Had an issue with stick drift so did a quick web search and found UberMicro. Little apprehensive at first as had never heard of them. Gave them a shot based on all the positive reviews…. SO GLAD I DID!!!

    Half the cost of a Microsoft repair and infinitely better service! Tabatha replied to each and every email informing me of all the steps and progress along the way. Both sticks were found to have drift and the main (ABXY) buttons were a little sticky too. ALL of this was repaired at the set price of £40


    Tabatha puts so many companies to shame with her outstanding Customer Service and Leigh is great with the repairs – check out his vids. Excellent soldering skills!

    Also, if there is a waiting list BE PATIENT. You won’t regret it!

    Tabatha and Leigh, Thanks again ??

  75. Rich Weston (verified owner)

    Absolutely great service tabatha was brilliant I sent it in for a stuck left analog stick they receplaced that found a fault with right stick and replaced 2 micro chips in back of lb and rb buttons which I didn’t know were damaged and for a small extra fee they replaced my rb button which had a minor chip and lb button very impressed with the service and communication though out would use this service again was changed 52 with post and packing to completely repair my elite series 2 that’s less than a 1/3 ,of retail price

  76. Luke (verified owner)

    Sent my Elite Series 2 in for stick drift/unresponsive button repair. Service was fast and communication was excellent. Controller is like new! Would recommend you guys to anybody ??

  77. Tom Brett (verified owner)

    My controller was on its last legs. Thanks to these kind people its all fixed and perfect. They did the job within the time frame they set and did it for a reasonable price. I will definitely use this again in future and thank you to tabatha for keeping me posted the whole way through

  78. Adam Law (verified owner)

    My controller had a lot of major issues and due to the fact that I had sent a previous controller to Uber Micro Repairs before and had such great service, I knew it would be the best way to have my controller repaired.

    I will always recommend anyone who needs a device repaired to use the services at Uber Micro Repairs due to the great customer service, the speed and quality of the repairs as well as the information on the website about devices.

    Thanks again Tabatha and Leigh.

  79. Gene Richardson (verified owner)

    Controller only needed bumpers replacing, but even so they replaced the sticks and leather casing too, all for the same price. 10/10 would recommend.

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