KINGBO Soldering Flux RMA-218 10cc With Plunger & Needle


KINGBO Soldering Flux RMA-218 10cc

KINGBO RMA-218 is a high viscosity no-clean flux, it can be used for PCB, SMD, reworking, also used for soldering and reballing of all types of electronics.

It has no clean properties so you can leave it on the PCB however we recommend 99% IPA to clean up afterwards.

We use this day in day out for all soldering applications.

  • Through Hole

  • QFN

  • BGA

  • Trace repair

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BGA soldering flux KINGBO RMA-218 10cc with plunger & Needle
Perfect for PS5 / Xbox HDMI port repairs
Flux: RMA-218
Weight: 10cc
  1. Compatible with a whole range of solders (Lead / Lead Free)
  2. Excellent wetting compatibility at high or low temps
  3. No-Clean Residue can be left on or removed*
1x 10cc KINGBO RMA – 218
1x Standard 10cc Plunger
1x Needle

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Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3.50 cm


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