PlayStation 5 DualSense Smart Trigger / Bumper Mod Service

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This mail in service is to convert the L1/R1 and/or L2/R2 to digital switches.

Once the mod is installed, the controller will then be a dedicated FPS controller for COD / Fortnite etc…

Please note games that require full analog L2/R2 (E.G driving games) will now not play the same because the trigger with be off or instant on.

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Mail In Request
Please note that we are unable to perform repairs sent to us from outside of the UK due to the increased shipping costs and lead times and the potential customs charges. However, orders for spare parts can be shipped worldwide.
Make sure you select the correct device so that we can advise you correctly!


  • PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Smart Trigger / Bumper Mod Service.
  • For the ultimate FPS (First Person Shooter) experience having digital triggers and bumpers gives you the precision to win the match!
  • Like other ESports controllers this mod replaces the analog triggers and bumper buttons to sensitive click buttons “digital tap” “smart triggers” (0 to 100%).


2 reviews for PlayStation 5 DualSense Smart Trigger / Bumper Mod Service

  1. Tom Williams

    This service was an optional extra for my PS5 controller and I am so glad I done it!
    I feel like I have the advantage when I play FPS now, especially Warzone.
    Thank you!!

  2. Martin (verified owner)

    Great service

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