PS5 / SCUF Reflex Replacement Upgraded Battery 3500mAh


PS5 DualSense Controller Replacement Battery Upgrade. We all know how dismal the battery life is on the DS5! Here is a quality battery upgrade with over twice the capacity.

This is a direct drop in replacement for the PS5 DualSense, SCUF Reflex and other modded DS5 controllers.

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We have checked the capacity and it’s around the 3500mAh mark.

The sign of a higher capacity battery is in the weight of the unit.

The standard 1560mAh DS5 battery weighs in at about 34 grams (remember it has a hard plactic shell).

This battery is around 3500mAh and weighs in at about 42 grams (this doesn’t have a hard plastic shell).

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 0.05 cm


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